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Engagement Announcement Wording and Etiquette

Engagement Announcement Wording and Etiquette

2017/03/14 | By AmoLink | Design Inspiration, Design Trends

Summary: She said "Yes!" You're caught up in the excitement of the moment and desperate to tell everyone? Create an engagement announcement!

Congratulations on finding your soul mate! Can’t wait to tell the whole world? When it comes to engagement announcements, well, it can be quite tricky. You may think that I’m making a fuss, but proper engagement announcement wording and etiquette can help you to break the news with grace and dignity. So take time to learn how to announce your new commitment properly.

Who to Inform First

There’s no doubt that both sets of parents should be informed first, then next is immediate family - especially grandparents and siblings - and close friends. Please note that if there are children from the previous marriage, you should tell them of the big news even before informing your parents. Be sure that you have announced your engagement in order to avoid hurt feelings. Before making a public announcement, double-check that you have notified all your nearest and dearest who deserve to get the first-hand breaking news.

How to Break the News

1. Newspaper Engagement Announcements

A newspaper announcement is the most conventional way to make your proclamation public. Though it’s a digital world now, it is still a good way to ensure that more acquaintances won’t be left out. Also, it can gives guests more hints of the wedding, like who is going to hold the celebration. Traditionally, the formal newspaper announcement is officially announced by the parents of the bride-to-be. But it more depends on who is going to host the big event.

A typical engagement announcement includes the two of you, your parents' names and places of residence, and when you plan to marry. If you haven't set your wedding date, composing something like "A September wedding is planned" can be just fine. If space permitting, you can also include your educational credentials.

Here are some standard engagement announcement wordings:

a. Formal Announcements from the Bride-to-be's Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Olivia Smith, to Richard Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown. A September wedding is planned.

b. Formal Announcement from Both Sets of Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown are pleased to announce the engagement of Olivia Smith to Richard Brown. A September wedding is planned.

c. If the Couple is Hosting the Wedding

Olivia Smith and Richard Brown are happy to announce their engagement. A September wedding is planned.

2. Email Engagement Announcements

If you veer from tradition of newspaper announcements, sending an instant message through email can be a good option. Moreover, you can take this chance to share a link of your wedding website, where everyone can stay in the loop on your wedding planning. So announcing your engagement digitally can be less formal:

- We did it! We're in love, the ring is beautiful, and we are thrilled to announce our engagement. - Olivia and Richard

- We’re tying the knot! We are very excited to announce that we’re engaged, and wanted you to be the first to know! Love, Olivia and Richard

3. Social Media Engagement Announcements

Though it’s a digital world now and people love social media, we still suggest you to take it as a final move to announce your newly altered state. It’s mainly for informing some casual acquaintances, so make sure you have told everyone who deserves a more formal approach before you click on the “share” button. If you post your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s also a good opportunity to share your lovely engagement photo show. And the tone of the announcement can be more casual to reflect your personal touch.

- She said yes! On Tuesday evening, in the exact spot where we met five years ago, Richard asked Olivia to marry him. We are so excited to share the news of our engagement with our family and friends, and hope to see you soon!

I hope you’ve got some inspiration in these wordings for engagement announcements. Now it’s your turn to start spreading the big news!