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AmoLink greeting card maker,
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Pop Elements

Let your greeting card full of ideas. Funny and sassy elements, such as Layout, Cartoon, Emoji, Shape, Sticker, etc., must be the must-haves of the moment.

Various stunning layouts

Unbelievable, a!

Make it more adorable

Holiday decor



No longer a simple or single flash and GIF animations. With the application of HTML5 technology, AmoLink successfully puts the dynamic graphics, effects and animations into the full process of card making to get your card more funny and lively.

  1. layout effects screen 1 layout effects screen 2
  2. layout effects mobile 3 layout effects mobile 4
  3. layout effects screen 5 layout effects screen 6
  4. layout effects mobile 1 layout effects mobile 2
  5. layout effects screen 3 layout effects screen 4
  6. layout effects mobile 5 layout effects mobile 6

Layout Effects

animated rain pic

Screen Effects

animated glass gif pic animated dress-up master gif pic animated hat gif pic animated snowman gif pic animated moustache gif pic animated Christmas elk gif pic



Real-time interactions

Timely trace the integral and latest statistics of your personal project, real-time monitor the number of views, especially RSVP of the guests, set calendar reminder and conduct SMS interaction.

real-time interactions data view
real-time interactions track RSVP
real-time interactions calendar reminder
real-time interactions SMS interaction


Track RSVP





Integrating music, video, voice and photo into the whole card design, say goodbye to dull card making.

Music Greeting Cards

Video Greeting Cards

Voice Greeting Cards

Photo Greeting Cards


Go for mobile

No need to download, no installation. Easily edit online and browse in PC, Android, iPhone or Pad.

go for mobile


Easy Social Sharing

With mobile-first and all social networks supported, you just need to send a link to your friends, whether texting them a message or posting it on social networks, like WhatsApp, Facebook and other popular social webs. As long as people click the link, your work will be easily browsed in a thunder speed.

You Never Know Until You Really Try

both web and mobile friendly in AmoLink