Light Your Cards with Funny Pokémon

Light Your Cards with Funny Pokémon

2016/08/05 | By AmoLink | Design Inspiration

Summary: New trend is hyping up as the Pokémon Go goes viral. Now you can not only capture Pokémon from streets, but also share or seal the sweet memory by adding Pokémon into your greeting cards or photo collages, with all the help you need form AmoLink.

Make Funny Pokémon Greeting Cards Online

Are you excited for grabbing a newest Pokémon today? As a core objects of the game “Pokémon Go”, these lively creatures have been an big excitement of players’ life. So how about combining your Pokémon stories with a touch of humor in your greeting card or photo collage design and share with your friends and peer trainers?

make your own pokemon greeting cards pic 1

What’s inside the balls?

In the past, you may just collected Pokémon trading cards, but now it’s so cool to DIY an online greeting card with the most trendy Pokémon elements. How exciting! Imagine the surprised look on your friend's face when he or she receives your Pokémon birthday card with your best wishes. Imagine the big smile blooms upon your lover’s face while getting your funny Pokémon love cards, even though he or she has the blues for several days. As a hardcore player of the Pokémon games, you can even create the Pokémon-themed invitations and post them on your Facebook or Twitter to challenge more trainers to a Pokémon battle.

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Multiple ways to surprise your friends with Pokémon

Without the need for coding skills, just follow the simple steps below to make your own Pokémon card:

01. Choose the theme and beautiful layouts you prefer.

Our designers here have provided exquisite card layouts for every occasion, including various animated layouts for birthday, wedding, festival and graduation, allowing you to make your own Pokémon card.

AmoLink card layout

Select a layout to customize

02. Select photos or gifs from our stock or use your own images.

Before start, you can upload your own funny images to "My Picture" or choose from our stock library. Before that, there are many ways to download the Pokémon images. Internet has rich resource for this kind of stuff. Here we found two picture galleries here and here with all the 151 Pokémon pictures inside. Feel free to use it. From the shy timid Clefairy to the lizard-like Charmander, there must be one you favor. After all the images and pictures are uploaded to my picture, you can now drag and drop them into the layout.

AmoLink card layout

Uploaded picture can be found in My Pictures

03. Personalize vivid cards with multi-media, texts and ect.

You can edit texts with humorous words, set the text style and change the color, size, letter spacing and etc. Only words are not enough to catch someone’s eye. You can also add cheerful music, stunning sounds, funny videos or other fresh elements like illustrations and mischief stickers to surprise or impress the recipient. These multi-media functions distinguish AmoLink from other card makers.

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Select text, elements,motion pictures, etc.

04. Save and share via social media.

After finishing your Pokémon card design, you can save it after registration or logging in. To share your elaborate Pokémon greeting cards easily with the one you care by mail or on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Just wait to see the surprised look on the recipient’s face!

share with your friends

Share with your friends

A Few Design Tips

Need more inspiration? Want to say goodbye to the dull cards? AmoLink, the creative Pokémon card maker, is the best way for you to customize the coolest Pokémon greeting cards online with fun. Here is your trick tips:

Tip 1. Size matters

To avoid the odd look, you should always pay attention to the size of Pokémon and the figure in the picture. Reasonable size makes Pokémon in the picture look credible. Of course, in some circumstance, you can also make the Pokémon extremely big and the human relatively small to reach some kind of exaggeration. It depends on the scenery you want to create.

Tip 2. Careful where you put them

Pay attention to the position of the Pokémon image and the person’s posture in the photo you upload, which can create the comic effects of your Pokémon greeting cards. For example, you can place a adorkable Psyduck aside a mediator in the photo.

Tip 3. Use your imagination

Pokémon all have some kind of skills or characteristics , and you should note that when adding them to your photo, utilize them. For example, if you want to play a trick on your friend or entertain yourself, you can create a greeting card showing that someone gets a huge electricity shock released by chubby Pikachu. It would be hilarious, especially when you add the photos of someone's wry face that seems to be tortured by powerful electricity. In addition, adding the lovely voice – "pika, pika" must polish your Pokémon greeting cards greatly. Creativity is endless. Use your imagination, impress us by AmoLink Pokémon card maker.

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Decorate your photo collage with Pokémon

A Novel Photo Collage of You and Your Pokémon

As a big fan of Pokémon Go, how can you forget to record your daily life with your dear Pokémon? Since you appear in the game as a virtual image, you may desire to own photos of the real you and the virtual Pokémon. Now a creative online photo collage maker provided by AmoLink can help you with that. The making process is similar to that of greeting cards. Just add your own photos and screenshots of the Pokémon you caught or trained to your favorite layout, you can retain these wonderful memories and share what you gain from the game with other players on Facebook or Twitter.

The inspiration is shared as follows:

travel with your Pokémon

I travel to many places with my Pokémon.

make your own pokemon greeting cards pic 9

They are everywhere!

Do the above pictures spark your inspiration? Can you feel the craving for creation? Don't hesitate anymore, join us now to make the coolest and most fashionable Pokémon greeting cards or photo collages with AmoLink.